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Re: Roomba/competitor?

jakihere wrote:

Roomba has got tons of competitors like Dyson/neato etc but I'd still go for  Roomba. I think its features are amazing but was hoping they get to improve the scheduling function. like being able to schedule twice a day. But overall though, I'd give it an 8/10

Wow, twice a day!  Do you have a lot of pets or live near a beach or something?


I like running mine twice a week, three times if needed, just to keep the battery healthy and longer lasting.  Going twice a day means it would have to recharge 700+ times a year and the battery would probably need replacing in just 4-5 months!

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Re: Roomba/competitor?

I think there's nothing wrong with running the roomba twice a day Smiley Happy I do appreciate your concern though. I only want our place clean since we both have a pet and a baby. I was actually torn between dyson and roomba before but I badly needed something that would do good with hair. I just gave birth and I'm having bad hairfall. I read few details about the Roomba and made me purchase for one, couldn't be happier!

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Re: Roomba/competitor?

ABCD2199 wrote:

DeeBee78 wrote:

One thing that the Neato has going for it is square edges. Roomba can't get into corners like it can Smiley Happy 

Roomba has a dedicated brush for getting into corners and honestly it does a better job than I do with my Miele!  Plus that brush likes to get rolypolies which seem to find their way in during the fall.  That dedicated 'corner" brush is amazing to watch, it even gets under the floor trim.


The Neato that I had was really "dumb" meaning it loved to bounce around in the same area for an hour and then return to base.  Really annoyed me. That new Neato Botvac Connected appears to have better intelligence, though, and I LOVE the look and design of the main brushes below so I'm curious if it's better than the one I had a yearish or so ago.

I had the exact same problem with my Neato when I first got it. I emailed support and told them she was doing her best Hellen Keller impersonation Smiley Very Happy


They told me to take a q-tip with a little isopropyl alcohol on it, and clean the laser guidance on the turret. After I did that, she stopped bumping into things and trying to go under things she didn't fit in. 

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Re: Roomba/competitor?

Yes I also appreciate that about the neato. I am using neato botvac D80 and its running pretty well. So I suggest neato. 


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