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Sat Dec 3 and Sun Dec 4 10% off Target gift cards

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Sat Dec 3 and Sun Dec 4 10% off Target gift cards

10% off Target gift cards.  Up to $500 spend ($50 savings).  Target store gift cards only (no Visa/MC or other retail cards).    


I apologize if this isn't completely credit card related (mods can move if need be).  I don't think you need to pay with your Target Red card for this deal.  But you do need to be a Target Circle Member.


The last time they ran this promotion (last quarter I believe), I maxed out the $500 spend and I checked out with PayPal and Disco for an extra 5% CB.  This quarter I will check out with PayPal and Freedom for an extra 5%.  Smiley Happy  


See Target flyer, bottom-right of first page: 

5% CB rotating: ; Everyday 3% CB: ; Everyday 5%: ; Retired to sock drawer after AOD: ; On my radar: ; No hope:
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