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Sending money to someone

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Sending money to someone

Hi Community! 


Very edge case scenario I'm dealing with here, and was looking for any ideas.


Issue:  Need to send money (cash) to a friend across the country immeditialy. 


Problems: Receiving friend has lost his wallet, no cards, no ID.  


Tools: He has a Google phone, but does not have Venmo, Zelle, G-Pay, any electronic setup currently.  Does have a bank account.


Normally I would send via Walmart, Western Union, Moneygram etc.. but without an ID he can't pickup.  Is there some way to send electronically so he could use his phone to pull from an ATM or at a cash place with a electronic code or something?  I saw PopMoney ATM near him but I think the bank he is with has to support it.  He banks at First Interstate Bank.


Any ideas??


Thanks much!

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Re: Sending money to someone

Western Union has a feature to send money to someone using a password. You can send them money and they use the password to pickup the money.

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Re: Sending money to someone

Thank you!!!!

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Re: Sending money to someone

Zelle can send money to nearly any phone number. Most bank accounts provide an option to link your phone number. I sent someone a BOA Zelle payment in their driveway in 60 seconds, without them knowing what Zelle even was. The payment reached her credit union, sent her a "ding" alert, and I carried a beautiful antique piece  to my F150 Lariat minutes later. Technology made that happen.

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