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Should I File an Insurance Claim?

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Should I File an Insurance Claim?

The garage door closed on my brand new Model 3. There's no structural damage, but the paint did chip off the trunk lid. My Tesla sales advisor recommended Service King in OC. I had them do a visual inspection of the damage, and they're estimating it at ≥$1,000. My comprehensive deductible is $500, but I'm concerned about State Farm issuing a notice to CarFax. 

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Re: Should I File an Insurance Claim?

I probably wouldn’t. I’m sorry if this is an inaccurate assessment, but I assume someone who drives a brand new Tesla can probably afford $1000 as opposed to $500?? I swear that’s not meant to sound snarky. I agree that I wouldn’t want the claim and possible “damaged history” for the car. 

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Re: Should I File an Insurance Claim?

No, it’s absolutely a valid point. I’m not concerned about paying out of pocket. It’s more a matter of not wanting to pay more than I have to. My SO is telling me to just file a claim because “that’s what it’s there for”. However I’m leaning towards just paying it without insurance as long as the quote doesn’t balloon into something obscene. I really just wanted a second opinion as I have no experience with auto insurance.

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Re: Should I File an Insurance Claim?

I would just pay out of pocket, honestly. One thing I have learned is to think about the future. You don’t want a claim, even this small if the need for a larger one in the future pops up. (Please go knock on wood now!!) just thinking about how it would effect you in the long run cost wise with rate increases.
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Re: Should I File an Insurance Claim?

Did you leased it?  If so you may have to fix it prior to returning.  Also would home owner's insurance cover it?

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Re: Should I File an Insurance Claim?

I would not even think about it for that kind of out of pocket expense.


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Re: Should I File an Insurance Claim?

If it doesn't exceed $1k by much, I'd just pay out of pocket.


Hopefully this doesn't apply to something as small as paint chipping, but I've read that Tesla has approved very few auto shops to work on their cars. The supposed result is that delays for even basic repairs at those few centers can be weeks or months long.

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Re: Should I File an Insurance Claim?

Out of pocket.

Years ago, I've seen my auto rates skyrocket for a comprehensive claim, which isn't supposed to happen...

Keeping a clean history on the Tesla is probably worth the difference anyway.
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