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Signing the back of your cards

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Re: Signing the back of your cards

totallymytravis wrote:

That is true. Most frauders do that. We have a corporate card at work but there are only a small group of managers who have them. Often we go pick up orders, catering, etc with them and once I was asked for my ID. I told them it was a corporate card the manager came and no dice. Had to put it on my CC then wait for a reimbursement 30 days later and my statment to cut which bumped my UTL up by a few %age points since it was a hefty purchace. 


On a personal note, I get terribly offended when asked for my ID. Except the above situation, 99% of the time I am using my card and cant help to think they are asking me becuase they think I am suspect. Really pisses me off when they dont bother asking the person who was in front of me in line for their ID for a similar charge.

Apparently you look fishy Smiley Wink

Gotta stop wearing chains, a patch over you eye, no shirt, tats, and having a gun slung over your shoulder everywhere you go, ok?

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