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Spreadsheet, anyone?

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Spreadsheet, anyone?

Is this weird? Am I being weird. 😅

Look at my little Amex determination. 😆




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Re: Spreadsheet, anyone?

Its way better than my old school hand written grid. I do it the old fashioned way.

Once you go beyond a few cards its prudent to have a spreadsheet to manage all of your accounts.

I also keep a seperate notebook with cli's, dates of card approvals and sl's, bt's,  and all login info

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Re: Spreadsheet, anyone?

Nice! Smiley Happy The more info the merrier as far as I'm concerned!


Before I got sick I had a similar spreadsheet, though not as detailed as yours, but then life happened and by the time I was well enough to think about credit cards again, well, for a variety of reasons I started over with just a text file. I always intended to go back to the spreadsheet method, but really haven't had any compelling reasons to do so!


Like you I keep a lot of information about each account in my file, including its date opened, its current limit, CLI attempt dates (and results), and so on--much more detail than I used to keep in my spreadsheet.


At the very top of my file I have each card's details so they're handy at a quick glance: bank name, CC name, CC number, expiration date, CVV code, CL, due date, closing date, reporting date, phone number (from back of each card), date opened. If I have anything special going on currently, like a 0% purchase offer, I make a note of its details, including its expiration date.


The most common thing I use this for is to quickly copy/paste a CC's number when I'm shopping online! Smiley Very Happy

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