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Stacking Discounts on Christmas Shopping

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Stacking Discounts on Christmas Shopping

aka- how did you save today?


Here's how I paid an effective price of $23 for a $100 purchase on the Apple Store:


Amazon- buy $100 Apple Gift card and get a free $15 Amazon gift code (found at DoC)


stacked with:

got 30% off by using a few Discover points. (found at Doc)


That made the transaction $70.


Purchased with Discover- 5% 4th quarter bonus + 5% 1st year match = $7 cash back.


Apple Black Friday special on 4 pack of Airtags- $100 and get a $25 Apple gift card.


$100 - 30% off - $25 Apple Gift Card - $15 Amazon gift card - $7 Discover cash back =

$23!!! plus a few pennies cash back on the ~$5 thanks to Apple Card 3% cash back on the tax amount.


What types of deals have you guys and gals found lately?

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Re: Stacking Discounts on Christmas Shopping

While nothing as orchestrated as your savings; yesterday (Saturday November 27, 2021) I happened to locate a 30 Ton bottle jack with air assist at Napa that I've been wanting to add to my tool collection, but have been unwilling to fall off my wallet for the $524 regular price for it.


Napa had an unadvertised black Friday sale on some big ticket items, including this jack I've been interested in... on sale for... $150.00 plus tax... purchased with a 2% cash back card so I think I did ok.

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Re: Stacking Discounts on Christmas Shopping

The best I've done is use Chase's shopping portal and got an extra 6x with my CFU.

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