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Stolen my neighbor got hers back

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Stolen my neighbor got hers back

and I really wouldn't recommend this!!!!  Her iPhone was stolen from Walmart.  She went home and did the icloud, and found it about 4 miles away.  Her CRAZY father-in-law jumped into his car and off he went.


He pulled up to the house, people were hanging out on the front porch, jumped out of the car like a maniac....screaming "I want that F*** phone NOW".  Someone handed it over, without the case, of course.


iCloud can be a good thing.......he's just lucky that he made it home in one piece.

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Re: Stolen my neighbor got hers back

A front porch full of Edited?


Your post was edited because it involved one of the "5 things we don't talk about"




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Re: Stolen my neighbor got hers back

Something like that, LOL.  Not a place I'd want to be at night, that's for sure.  She had one helluva iPhone week.  Her little boy dunked her husbands in the potty to see if it would float. 

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Re: Stolen my neighbor got hers back

they were not smart enough to turn it off.


mine still has not shown up 3+ days later. doubt it ever will since i disabled that sim card. but if it evers gets on wifi. 

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