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Taco Time NW (mostly Seattle area) app 5% reward for credit card use

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Taco Time NW (mostly Seattle area) app 5% reward for credit card use

Disclaimer: My only relationship to Taco Time NW is as a satisfied customer.


The restaurants for Taco Time NW are primarily in the Seattle metropolitan area. Paying at one of their restaurants with their smartphone app gives a 5% (at one of their restaurants) reward.


 After you pay $100 with the app at their restaurants, you get a $5 credit on the app to use at their restaurants. Sure, you have to spend $100 first, but the reward is separate from and in addition to whatever your credit card (you choose which credit card to use with the app) gives you. Sometimes there are additional rewards, like a free medium Mexi-Fries each time the Mariners hit a triple this season, and I got a $3 (I think) reward recently for my one year anniversary of using the app.


For the app, I use my BECU credit card that gives 1.5% rewards on everything. 1.5% + 5% = 6.5% (at a Taco Time NW restaurant).


To pay with the app: the app generates a QR code on your smartphone's screen, so either show your smartphone's screen to the reader when paying inside the restaurant, or at the drive-through window, hold your smartphone out so the drive-through person can scan the QR code with a hand-held device. Apparently cashier is an entry-level position, so the person at the drive-through window may get flustered if the hand-held device doesn't work at first and then ask you to hand over your smartphone so he/she/it can show the QR code to the countertop scanner. Be polite, pay attention to how the cashier holds the scanner, and ask the cashier to try the hand-held scanner again. The hand-held scanner apparently needs to be tilted back a little more than new cashiers expect, so tell the cashier that. With a little friendly coaching from me, the hand-held scanner has always worked for new cashiers, and I'm guessing after it works, the new cashiers feel a little more confident and presumably are relieved that they didn't have to get their manager to help.

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Re: Taco Time NW (mostly Seattle area) app 5% reward for credit card use

Ah, Taco Time.   We don't have any in Southern California.   The closest one to here is in a truck stop in Vegas.   It appears that the ones in Western Washington are part of their own entity, but I've been to locations in Portland and in Northern Utah.  


Anyway, it sounds like the app would be useful to those in Western WA.   It's always nice to have bonuses on top of your CC rewards.  I've enrolled my cards that I use for dining on Yelp.  I also have Visa Local Offers through Uber.  

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