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USPS Lost Mail from EWS, EQ, TELECHECK and 3 new cards.

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USPS Lost Mail from EWS, EQ, TELECHECK and 3 new cards.

Just my luck, when I order all of my fraud alert and dispute documents for all the major reporters, USPS loses my **bleep**ing mail. I saw it in my informed delivery. I confronted the mail-man and he told me it wasn't his reponsibility to put the mail in the right address box, but to just deliver it. WHAT!? Now, no one will talk to me because they say it's been delivered and it looks like i'm trying to compromise my own identity. 


Can I demand USPS write me a certified letter stating they messed up and resend out my letters with it attached? Or like.. what do I do? I'm so confused.

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Re: USPS Lost Mail from EWS, EQ, TELECHECK and 3 new cards.

I don’t understand what you mean by no one would talk to you. You can re-order most of those reports as often as you like. Just reorder them. (You might have to wait 30 days at most) You don’t need proof that you never received it. (You can’t prove it anyway). You are going to have to provide proof of identity again but there is nothing you can do about that. You can file a form with the USPS but there is low chance they find your mail.

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