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Unable to update my signature

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Unable to update my signature

I am unable to update my signatures as well. I want to put in the fact my collection dropped off in my FICO score went up over 700 any help would be appreciated thank you

Starting Score: 520(February/18) all 3
Current Score: 700 ex 714 tu, 697eq all fico
Goal Score: 750

Cap1 platinum- 500(closed 3/27/19), 3/18
Cap1 qs-500-6/18
Disco- 2000-5/18
Walmart-1000 12/18, Home depot- 2000 2/19
Loans paid closed 1 auto 6/18
1 personal 12/18( closed)
Active loans-
Refi -dcu2.74 Auto 6/18
Personal dcu-1/19
3/4/19- Amazon cli 500-2500
Walmart cli- 200-1000

Inq- ex 10( down to 4 in last year 6/19), eq- 5, tu-3
Banks my eye is on- us bank cit, probably amex or 2nd disco, then combine after 1 year ...
Not capital one!! (Closed secured capital one-3/27/19 small credit limit, no need anymore)
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Re: Unable to update my signature

I don't see anything that would keep you from updating your siggy... what kind of error messages are you getting?

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