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Vantage Score is weird

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Vantage Score is weird

I jsut thought some of you would find this weird and funny. My Vantage jumped, because I lowered my available credit. Never heard of that happening lol



Think I am going to garden until at least March of 2020 as that is when 3 inquires will drop and all but one will be over a year old. At that point, I may do a hard pull for a line increase on my chase prime card or maybe go for a savor card assuming it is not offered to me as a promotional upgrade. By June of 2020, I will be apping for a Citibank personal line of credit and overdraft line to equal what I have at USBank, so I may just do nothing until then.
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Re: Vantage Score is weird

Yup, their algorithms suck for actual scores. However not too shabby to just keep and eye out on the junk in your wallet. 


Good Luck!

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