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Vegas Hotels

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Vegas Hotels

Just curious what everyone's hotel of choice is in Vegas and why.

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Re: Vegas Hotels

Mandalay Bay. They have an awesome outdoor pool / bar area.
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Re: Vegas Hotels

The Venetian.   A good friend of mine even got married in the chapel there several years ago,  it was a beautiful venue and a Top Tier experience - no Elvis impersonators. 

IMO Harrah's is OK.  If I wanted to be mindful of what I was spending on a hotel I could see myself staying there again. 


Tropicana, meh.


Westin, meh, but I found the atmosphere right around the hotel a bit quieter than some of the others. 


I've never stayed uptown as I'm not a big fan of the Fremont St. Experience.



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Re: Vegas Hotels

IMHO...... Save the money and stay off strip.


Uber or Lyft yourself around = save a bundle and you can still have all the fun you want to on strip.


I did have a nice stay at the Bellagio and NYNY was't too bad. The rest of my stays were off strip and in Henderson just down the road. The 105 degrees at midnight wiped the new off of Vegas very quickly. Ha Ha Ha.


Have fun and Good Luck!

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Re: Vegas Hotels

@Brian_Earl_Spilner wrote:

Just curious what everyone's hotel of choice is in Vegas and why.

The JW out in Summerlin. It's quiet, beautiful, the smokers are a lot fewer than in a lot of casinos, and it's away from the strip and all of its problems. There's just a cheap, trashy vibe about strip that really turns me off to it. We'll sneak in for a show and then get out of there ASAP.


We fly out to Vegas once a year to visit family and that's where we usually stay.

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Re: Vegas Hotels

Circus Circus? 😄
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Re: Vegas Hotels

Lol. I once stayed at circus circus. Brought a case of red bull. The furniture had so much wax on it, when I threw the case on the stand, it slid across and off the other end.

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Re: Vegas Hotels

I'll be visiting there next weekend and staying at the Bally's Las Vegas... it's a Wyndham Resort, so hopefully it is decent... I'll update afterwards. 🤞🏻
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Re: Vegas Hotels

I've stayed up and down the strip, but last time, we stayed downtown at Four Queens. Only hotel that doesn't charge a resort fee. I figure I give them enough money, it makes me mad to have to pay an additional $40 a day to stay somewhere. 🤑🤑🤑🤑
Four Queens was nice, clean, and the downtown is quite entertaining. We visited the strip too, but just bought a bus pass for 24 hours for like $8.00 or something like that. Lots of construction going on right now on the strip.

Going back early January for my birthday, but not sure which hotel yet. Probably Four Queens again. If you are going soon, good luck and have fun!
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Re: Vegas Hotels

We're going in a few weeks. We're gonna stay at the Luxor this time. My wife has always wanted to stay in the pyramid and it'll be a nice change of pace as we normally stay at New York New York.

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