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WARNING: New Money Raising Efforts

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WARNING: New Money Raising Efforts

Heads up everyone.  I lived in Michigan a decade ago.  Filed all taxes timely and got my refunds from the state.  I moved over 7 years ago and haven't looked back.  I just closed on my house here a month ago and went through the entire mortgage process without one hiccup or question from the underwriters about taxes state or Federal.  (current state has no state tax) This week I received 2 letters and one phone call from the State of MI in house collections claiming I owed taxes (an assessment) from 2012!!  Are you kidding me?!!


It took several phone calls to finally reach someone who could actually discuss the case intelligently to determine supposedly in 2016 they re-assessed my taxes and finalized it in 2017 resulting is my allegedly owing several hundred dollars.  The letters are threatening account levy and/or wage garnishment for failure to pay.  Never mind that I have never heard from anyone in MI until this week.  The good news is I filed bankruptcy in 2018 and called my attorney.  He is now handling this with the state of MI and informed them had they timely notified we would have included it.  It should go away by Monday.


Keep your eyes and ears open.  After the last year many states (especially MI) are going to be hurting for general funds and I suspect more will resort to tactics like this to try and generate money.  Idiots.

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