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What card do you carry and why?

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Re: What card do you carry and why?

I have 3 CC 1 CU card I keep because it's the one I have had the longest to help with my AA, 1 Visa and 1 Amex I know some places do not accept Amex and I got both of them to help with Cash Back and I heard they both gave higher CLI or amounts so I was excited for that part too!     I have only had 2 of the 3 for a little over a month so I can't comment to to much on them but I do love my Visa more than Amex even though the Amex is supposed to be harder to approve?!   Not sure if that part is true/accurate or not

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Re: What card do you carry and why?

In wallet
1. CRS - I consider it 4.5% minimum on dining and travel including international. Plus travel insurance.
2. CFU - For non cat items When building travel points. 2.25%
3. Citi DC - For non cat items, when I want cash back. 2%
4. BOA - For 3.3% gas

Seldom Spenders
1. USAA AMEX - 2% oversea grocery, 3% cash back dining
2. Luxury Black Card - my only real chip and pin oversea, non cat items oversea, rent a car discount, my only unlimited guest lounge membership, return protection, price protection, other secret perks that AMEX don't offer.

Put away
1. Capital One Quicksilver - oldest 1999, oversea back-up, padding, foundation card
2. Citi Diamond Preferred - 3rd oldest use when 5% offers restaurant, grocery, gas. Foundation card
3. Jupiter MasterCard - 2nd card, padding post office stamps foundation card
4. AMEX Gold - just added. Second amex card, first was platinum cancel within 30 days 2016. Plan to cancel gold card. 4 MR points is worthless, only decent use is gift cards. To restrictive. AMEX over rated. No pre-set limit on personal cards over rated since I have high limit credit cards.

I have no wish cards. Most likely cut down my profile.
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Re: What card do you carry and why?

Let me mention that my Chase credit cards and my Luxury Black Card has flexible spending limit. They work like no pre-set limit cards. Most people don't know this or sometimes forget this with world elite MasterCard and Visa Signature / Infinite cards.
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