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What is in Your Wallet?

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Re: What is in Your Wallet?

 - Driver's License

 - University ID

 - Work Badge

 - 2 CU debit cards & a Wells Fargo debit card

 - About $20 USD worth of Philippines Pesos left over from a vacation (For good luck, Smiley Happy)


I usually never have any of my CC's in my wallet with me which is weird to me. They usually stay locked up. Whenever I'm about to leave the house in the morning, I try to think which card I'll need that day. Like if I know I'm going to gas up, grab the BCP. If I'm going to grab food somewhere, grab the CSP. Etc.

   Total CL: $177,300
 Highest CL: $10,000
  Average CL: $6,300
 Total PLOC: $26,000
     AAoA: 3 yrs & 11 mos
         Utilization: 7%
Inq: 11 (EQ) | 10 (TU) | 9 (EX)
         Derogatories: 0
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Re: What is in Your Wallet?

1. Dr license
2. Health Card
3. Freedom
4. DCU Visa
5. Two debit cards
6. Nordstrom

The others are on 'virtual SD'- there but not being used.
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Re: What is in Your Wallet?

2 of my 5 credit cards

1 business credit card

1 bank debit card

1 reloadable debit card

2 rewards cards & 4 vendor discount cards


receipts / lottery ticket tossed out

business cards

1 member card

2 library cards

driver's license / registration

health card / blood donation card / organ donor card


Starting Score: 732 October 2007; Current Score: EQ 835; TU 861, July 2018; Oldest Reporting EQ Account: 16.5 years; EQ AAoA: 8.4 years; Typical credit utilization 1.8% typical single card utilization 10.6%
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Re: What is in Your Wallet?

ID, 1 retail card, 1 bank card, 2 Credit Cards, $20 (Spare cash and for "bill tracking"), Red Cross Donor card and a valentines day card from my daughter.

2010: 475 EQ 2011: 503 EQ 2012: 600 EQ2013:632 EQ
Starting Score: 634 EQ-3/13/13
Current Score: 706 EQ-8/29/13 703 EX-7/12/13 705 TU-8/9/13
Goal Score: 700

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Re: What is in Your Wallet?

As of right now:


Driver's license

Medical Insurance 

AAA Membership 

Sam's Club Membership

5/3 Debit

Charlotte Metro Credit Union Debit

Charlotte Metro Credit Union Visa Platinum


Cap One Cash Rewards MasterCard

2 bandages (becase I'm prone to accidents)

3 Ibuprofen (because I'm prone to headaches)

CMCU and 5/3 account info

Car key

$34 in cash


All of the other credit cards are being given a rest for the time being.

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Re: What is in Your Wallet?


Two debit cards

Insurance cards (car and health)

SS card (hidden - say what you will about carrying your SS card on you; I've needed it more times than not)

a bunch of business cards

store discount cards (MVP [Food Lion], CVS ExtraCare, Gamestop Power Up, Acme savers, Harris Teeter, Walmart discount card, Sally's Beauty Supply, an ancient artifact of a Blockbusters memer card, Sam's Club card, etc)

Cash and change (around $2 in change for parking meters, cash varies between $10-30)

Metro Smartrip card (we don't take cabs in these parts too often)

Birth Control (mine's in a flat pack only a little thicker and bigger than a debit card, so it fits nicely in my wallet)

Money Order receipts

Blood bank donor card

library card for two libraries

deposit slips for my primary bank

a guitar pick from one of my favorite bands (for good luck)

Starting Score: AVG 529 (5/2013)
Current Score: 626 (03/2014) - Barclaycard FICO
Goal Score: 650

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Re: What is in Your Wallet?

In mine is: 



Passport ID

Work ID 

3 Credit Cards

2 Debit Cards 

5 Rebate/Loyalty Cards 

Gym Membership

60$ Cash (With a bunch of Singles, UGH)

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