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What is too many credit cards?

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Re: What is too many credit cards?

I have a similar amount of card and as other people mentioned it's really dependent on the person to define how much is enough. In my opinion once you go into double digits of card it becomes a bit harder to manage. Having to check each one even if they are SD gets pretty tiring since you should check them for fraud even though the cost is on the card company.


I would definitely close any AF cards and potentially it does seem you have some sub prime companies like Credit One and other non mainstream ones that you can consider closing they usually don't offer good rewards and can do some scummy things against you usually customer service is also pretty bad.


Obviously it's your choice and for myself I don't close any cards since its been fine checking each of them for now, but eventually I will close many of the lower limit cards to reduce the websites I have to visit. Also haven't applied for many new ones since it's already a chore checking the existing ones I have.

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Re: What is too many credit cards?

Seems less about how many cards and making sure you're getting valuable cards for your situation. I mean, it's fun to get approvals and the rush of applying and instant wins is casino like. But at the end of the day, credit is a journey and it's not worth the trouble to have a zillion cards you'll never use if there's no purpose for them.


I've started to learn this in my own journey as I get approved for better cards and even reading here realizing not every prequal is worth the squeeze for a toy limit, for instance. 


For me, I'd never had enough util room before this year and so I'm kind of basking in that, but assume that after my binge this year (7/12) / (9/24) that I'm in the garden through 2023 and hopefully will be able to really maximize/close some of this year's wins after moving up a tier or two.

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Re: What is too many credit cards?

@Jackrabbits Today, I've been searching this question for hrs reading posts from 2008, just for entertainment. 
   I personally have 9 revolvers and it's taking a toll on my stress level; management easy using Mint, but I'm being overwhelmed by trying to keep inactive cards alive, even if it's just buying an energy drink on each. I decided it's not worth having my head occupied on that so, I will reduce my numbers to 6 for now and see how it works out.

   As you see, it depends on each person.

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Re: What is too many credit cards?

@Jackrabbits wrote:

I am relatively new to this forum and thought I'd jump in head first. The question is what is too many credit cards? I have spent the past 11 years rebuilding my credit and have started to accumulate quite a number. I would like to close some based on their low credit limit amounts. The dilemma is the older ones are the ones with the lower credit limits. They were the first ones opened when I begin my credit rebuilding path. Yes, I have called to get increases but they are pretty much at their limit. Do I continue to just simply hold on to them or wait till the newer ones get older? Thanks to everyone who responds in advance.


I think you may be on the wrong message board to ask such a question.  Ask instead...  how many can I handle and keep alive without EVER accidently paying late?  Excel is your friend... 

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Re: What is too many credit cards?

Again as others have said, it is who you ask. I for one have 74 credit cards and 27 ATM cards. Do I think I have too many? no? do I want anymore? NO.

I only pay an annual fee on one card so the rest do not cost me anything to have.

There are a lot of advantages to have so many. I am sure there are disadvantages too.

Do I reccomend this to others? no.

To me, someone who uses them quite often it is a bonus for sure. It is a lot to manage though.



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