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What's a cheap source for high speed internet?

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Re: What's a cheap source for high speed internet?




My cheap unlimited T-Mobile plan includes tethering, so my phone is my wi-fi. My portion of our family plan's bill is $40 including taxes.


You need to have full signal and even then service can be slow. If I need the internet for a couple of hours or more, I go the library.


We have a weekend place in Hillsdale and I finally have cell service there. I pass you Poughkeepsie folks all the time on my way to/from Smiley Wink

cheap unlimited plan from T-Mobile would you please share data points? Thanks! Smiley Very Happy

T-Mobile ONE


You need 4 people to get the per phone line cost down to $40 including taxes. 

OoOOh! thanks for sharing anyways.

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