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What wallet do you carry?

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Re: What wallet do you carry?

@Dinosaur wrote:

@FireMedic1... if you were a few years younger I could probably explain your statement: "Cant stand a lump in my back pocket." smiley-laughing021.gif

You know I'm right behind you pops.....Smiley Very Happy


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Re: What wallet do you carry?

I have two Herschel Roy wallets:


I bought the Apricot (it's orange lol) first, but I got caught in the rain in a new pair of jeans and and blue dye transferred over and stained it.


So I bought another one in black to carry on me, and the apricot became my membership/rewards/gift card wallet that I keep in my backpack.


I'm the worst at remembering to use gift cards. I loaded all of the Visa/MC/Amex ones that I had onto my EZpass and transit cards, and now keep the store specific ones in the backup wallet.


Going to set my Apple pay back up when I pick up my mail and get my new Citi Costco Visa tomorrow Smiley Happy

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Re: What wallet do you carry?

tried Bellroy a few years ago and never left. wife keeps buying me other "fancy" brands but i keep using my Bellroy. has neat features. doesnt have any raised logos or even worst, those metal tags (i can feel it pressing against me). i keep about 8 cards/ids in mine and it's still slim. good craftmenship 


notesleeve for when i need to carry cash


slim sleeve for when i'm wearing a jacket/business attire.



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Re: What wallet do you carry?

Tumi Chambers bifold that I've had for four or five years now. Incredibly impressed with how well it holds up. I only carry a minimal amount of cards at a time and front pocket carry which helps too, but it has stayed in tremendous shape.

Here's a link to a pic of the same model since they don't make it anymore:

Pretty sure the Chambers like was essentially replaced by the Nassau:
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Re: What wallet do you carry?

This is my everyday, it has a nice patina to it now.

I have a LV Daimer Graphite Canvas wallet I was gifted years ago for my birthday that I sometimes use.
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Re: What wallet do you carry?

I was thinking of getting this when I want to carry more cards.

Bellroy Leather Hide & Seek Wallet Caramel - RFID
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Re: What wallet do you carry?

I have gone through a lot of wallets and finally have found one that I really enjoy. I have been using since this last Christmas when I got it. It is a zippered wallet that is huge for a bi-fold. I carry around 10 cards, receipts, minor first aid kit (band-aids, wipes, moleskin, triple anti, etc.) cash, stamps, and a micro sd card. 


I carry in my front pocket as sitting on anything in the back pockets is not good for spine health. The zipper is key, as it keeps the cards inside from getting dirty with lint and grit during the day to day.


I also have a throwdown trifold I sometimes carry if I am going out on the town. 

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Re: What wallet do you carry?

A 10 year old Gucci zip around wallet that is tore up from the floor up but I refuse to replace it because it cost me $400 bucks.

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Re: What wallet do you carry?

I once was that rara avis-- the female who never carried a purse or wallet. One day, my daughter and I were in a FYE store and there was a Beatles wallet on sale. I started swooning over it and she said, "You'd never carry it or you'd wind up losing it." I said, "Get it and we'll just see." She bought it and that's been about ten or so years now, I think. It's looking ragged but I'm bound and determined to hold on to it until Paul really is dead. In the zipper pocket inside it, I keep the pound coin I picked up when we went to Liverpool.
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Re: What wallet do you carry?

6 cc, 1 debit, passport card, insurance, DL.


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