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What wallet do you use?

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Re: What wallet do you use?

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Re: What wallet do you use?

Thank you for your suggestions!


So far I really like this Tumi wallet:


and the Johnston & Murphy Hipster wallet that SwitftTone suggested. Question for you sir - I could really use all of the card slots of this wallet, but I've never had a wallet this tall, does it feel too big and/or too thick compare to a slim-ish wallet? I keep my wallet in the front pocket, will I have trouble fitting it there? Thanks!


I've been doing research on this for quite a while now and so far you guys have been the most helpful, thanks! I hadn't even heard of these companies until now.

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Re: What wallet do you use?

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Re: What wallet do you use?

BearOSO wrote:

It was a gift but boy does it smell and feel good.

Did it feel even better after you checked the price? Cat Wink

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Re: What wallet do you use?

Come on guys, wallets ruin the view.  Get a man bag.  LOL.



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Re: What wallet do you use?

I remember one day waiting in line in a department store. As the young woman in front of me reached the counter, she unfolded her wallet, which displayed a fan-shaped line-up of her four visa cards more colorful than a dancing peacock. Why on earth would anyone get all visa cards? Maybe she got a discount at some stores, I don't know. Or maybe she urgently felt she wouldn't be part of a group of fellow young people until her dress code was complete.

What is it with women and their handbags, purses and wallets by the way? I have been wondering about that for years. And now I finally looked into it. A Handbag Study Reveals British Women Are Most Purse-Obsessed and that "American women don't rank too far behind in second place." Do you too feel that "A girl's handbag is more than just an accessory. It's a sartorial companion"?

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Re: What wallet do you use?

Jumping in the boys' club here.


All of the wallets posted have been for men, but I spent two weeks scouring the Internet for the perfect wallet, and I'm extremely picky.


So for any women who are checking out this thread (or for men who want a tip on a great wallet to buy your wife) --


I wanted a very fashionable wallet with MANY credit card slots. This was especially difficult for me to find because I prefer the bifold/trifold style to the accordion style, and 75-80% of women's designer wallets are only available in accordion style.


I finally found this fantastic Rebecca Minkoff wallet to fulfill my criteria (it actually has 22 credit card slots! -- it only says 16, but there are 6 hidden bonus slots!). I was a bit iffy about it when I ordered it (I thought I might prefer the external appearance of this Milly wallet, which is accordion style) -- but when it arrived in person, I was far more pleased than I expected to be. My Rebecca Minkoff wallet is made of high quality ostrich leather in a classy grey tone and feels extremely nice to the touch. The detail along the edges is gorgeous -- stiff edge of a zipper appearance, but durable and well-built. I have all 22 card slots filled, and the wallet still maintains an ideal shape; it closes completely and does not appear "stuffed." Also, a removable zipped pouch sits nicely in a compartment under the bottom portion and adds a nice touch.

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Re: What wallet do you use?

The Rebecca Minkoff wallet is very nice I like it a lot.

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Re: What wallet do you use?

I use my Iphone phone case, it has a backdoor where I can fit 3 cards!! Smiley Happy My crapital one on the other hand hasn't and will not see light again!

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Re: What wallet do you use?

QuantumCredit wrote:

I'm talking about an actual wallet. I've had mine forever and it doesn't hold that many cards, so I've kept some of my cards where cash is supposed to go and I recently decided to get a new one, but after looking for an hour on amazon I couldn't really find something I like, they are either too thick, or I don't like the design or the color or the leather or the brand,  I am superpicky about this lol. So I figured I would ask you, what wallet do you use and why do you like it? I am talking up to $50, but I would be willing to spend a bit more if it is raelly a terrific product.

I saw a pretty slick one at a Coach outlet while picking up a gift for my wife and debated buying it.  It was real slim, and didn't hold a lot of cards, but even with the discount was about 80 bucks so I declined.


But this is an awesome thread...  I'll probably end up buying one of the ones you all suggested.  

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