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What was your most surprising CC approval?

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What was your most surprising CC approval?

I'm wondering which card you app'd for when you didn't necessarily fit its criteria, but were unexpectedly approved for anyway! I've found some older threads, but I'd like to hear your more recent, successful (lucky?) application stories. And what was your CS and SL upon approval?


I'll start:

Four years ago, I had ZERO credit history, no score, and had applied for a few cards, no dice. Not surprising now, I was clueless and applying for prime cards like CSP and Venture. Decided to apply for AMEX Gold on this spree, instant approval for $2000 SL. I was floored. Knew nothing about anything but my jaw still dropped at the "you've been approved for $2000!" message. No POI. No anything. Got my card a couple days later. Ended up losing the card a year later due to exceeding the $2000 CL and a 90 day late payment. Again, clueless. Sad that I had no idea how lucky I was at the time, because I definitely would've been more careful. You live and you learn though! Long after it was cancelled and accrued more interest than I'd like to say due to only making minimum payments, I ended up calling AMEX to first apologize and then to see if we could work ANYTHING out. Lowered my APR and now have the Optima/Oasis agreement set in place with them. They must've realize how young and stupid I was and how stupid they were for giving me the card LOL!

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Re: What was your most surprising CC approval?

I was so excited when i was approved for my discover it card. I wanted it so bad! Its only been 2 months. I was accepted with a fico of 631. And since opening my score is now at a 664. So its slowly going up!
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Re: What was your most surprising CC approval?

Discover (regular/not secured), just this September.   Two weeks before I was approved I was denied the Disco secured version after cold-apping for it.
I was just playing around with pre approval/qualify site for giggles and it said I was approved.  I figured, why not? and pulled the trigger.  And I got it!  I was so shocked!

F8 EQ: 805 | EX: 800 | TU: 795 | Accounts: 0/6 2/12 9/24
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Re: What was your most surprising CC approval?

AMEX!!!!! I Cold apped on Mother’s Day at about 6:30am and applied for the Everyday and got a whopping $10K SL I was like Whoa 😮 totally Floored then I turned around and apped again for the AMEX Blue and got a 2K SL. That was definitely an awesome Mother’s Day😂☺️
My EX Credit Score was a 690
Hyatt (10K) AMEX ED (10K) AMEX BCED (2K) BJ's Mastercard (5.9K) BP Visa (1.6K) Cap One QS (2.7K) Discover IT (4K) 2nd Discover IT (7K) Neiman M. (8K) Nordstrom (15K) Saks (7K) VS (2.2K) Target (3.3K)

FICO Scores EX: 704 EQ: 690 TRANS: 683
Started Rebuilding: 2016
Goal Score: 800
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Re: What was your most surprising CC approval?

I consider the SLs and CLIs of yesterday and today’s app spree + luv button pushing spree to be the answer to OP’s question. I’d like to tell everyone a story that explains why. 


I began my credit rebuild journey in April 2015 with a $300 secured cap 1 card, and I think I created a myFICO account the following month to pull a 3B report. I clicked the “Community” link on accident and that’s how I discovered this community. Reading the content in the Approvals & Applications board without absorbing the content in rebuilding board(s), I app‘d and app’d over 2-3 months until the denials started coming in. Walmart store card, private label furniture store card, the $11k auto loan I’m still maintaining today for FICO performance purposes, 2 jewelry store cards issued by the same bank, and being an AU on DW’s secured BofA account - that was how my credit reboot journey began. 


Anyway by qtr 3 in 2015 I had received denials from BofA, Disco, AMEX and prolly others, prolly due to thin file, excessive HPs, and i maxed out most of my TLs. By the end of 2015/beginning of 2016 I was here in the forum getting schooled by the OGs here. Some of those educators are still active on the boards today (Thank you very much). Before summer 2016 my TL balances were almost PIF, credit was optimized, preapproved by 3 lenders for a mortgage...then I went on another app spree. 


App: Amex BCE 10k SL

App: Marvel 2k SL then CLI to 6k

App: Cap 1 QS VS 5k SL 

CLI: Walmart 800 to 1500 to 4500

CLI: Cap1 QS1 1500 to 3500

CLI: jewelry accts SLs to 5800 total 

DENIALS when balances started reporting ;(


Maxed out most of these TLs in the summer  and fall of 2016 and I believe I came back to the rebuild forums looking for love from the members of our community. I was looking in the wrong place because I clearly hadn’t changed my credit behavior that messed up my credit in the past.  And we didn’t buy a house because we carried all those balances started reporting. 


I started getting it together last year (2017) when I discovered Dave Ramsey and his baby steps while listening to him on the radio. I was tuned to that station for a morning show + Sean Hannity in the afternoon.  When I started paying attention to the Ramsey show and the message of living debt free, that’s when I got my **bleep** together mentally and started paying down debt because baby step 2 made more sense than the desire to have credit.  I’m not anti credit like Ramsey is; I’m just not going to be slave to the lender anymore.  


Fast forward to yesterday; some of you may have noticed all the success I had over on the Approvals board. I only did all that to lower my overall util.  Also, it was humbling because I was methodical and intentional about it, and the shock and awe that came with the 2015/2016 approvals wasn’t there this time. I’ve matured mentally with regard to building and managing my credit profiles. 


Not interested in carrying balances ever again. I’m still gazelle intense about paying off my remaining balances. I went on a methodical app spree because I see home ownership on the horizon again, and I may benefit from optimizing my credit profiles in an intentional manner. i completely understand I can have no credit and no credit score and go through manual underwriting like Dave Ramsey says I should. For all I know, I may lose interest in credit and go that route when we buy a house. For now, I’m enjoying earning CB rewards and SUBs doing nothing more than spending money according to the zero based budget I’m already living by.  


And that explains my answer to OP’s question in my first paragraph.  Thanks for reading. I wish everyone a responsible credit journey Smiley Wink

3B profile optimization in progress...
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Re: What was your most surprising CC approval?

I was quite surprised to get my US Bank Cash + in the mail considering USB told me I was denied LOL 

Discover It: 19.7k
Amex ED: 18k
Citi DC: 6.7k
Citi Rewards+: 3.6k
Bank Americard: 2.8k
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Re: What was your most surprising CC approval?

My most surprising was my NFCU Platinum yesterday... not so much the approval but the fact that they gave me $7200 and 7.99% a week after giving me a $4500 CLI on my cashRewards at 91/3 and a $500 CLOC as well. It was a trigger finger app that could have resulted in me having to give up some of my CLI to open the new card and they blew me away with that approval, especially since my cashRewards in September was only $3000 and my scores haven't improved (same baddies) since then.

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Re: What was your most surprising CC approval?

Probably getting a 15k SL with Navy when having less then 8 months credit history. I was expecting maybe 1-2k and would have to build it with CLI. Was very thankful/suprised!

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Re: What was your most surprising CC approval?

Both of my NFCU cards were surprises...both large limits with their lowest APRs and my profile is mediocre at best.
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Re: What was your most surprising CC approval?

I'd say my Venture VS and QS WEMC less than a year after BK for 10g's each. Those days are gone now.

My posts are JMHO. My siggy is not to brag at all. Just sharing my experiences after learning here from rebuild to recovery after BK DC @ 540's. And to show fellow members what can be accomplished when you do it right and play the FICO Credit Game.
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