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When to Get Your Cards a New Home?

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When to Get Your Cards a New Home?

I'm wondereing how often you all get new wallets? I got my first adult wallet (not velcro with cartoons on it) for Christmas when I was around 16 or so. I'm 25 now and after getting two new credit cards last month I decided to get a new wallet. My old one was beginning to rip and was cluttered with old train tickets, recipts, casino rewards cards that I only went to once over 5 years ago, etc. It offered me an excuse to clean my wallet out while getting a new one. Being my first wallet it had a bit of sentimental value, but I'm loving the new clean looking one I got for my new cards. Anyway, how often to you guys update your wallets?

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Re: When to Get Your Cards a New Home?

I recently downsized from a 10 card front pocket wallet to a handmade 6 card case. I expect it will last about a decade, or roughly 6 years longer than my last wallet. There really isn't anything to break; no id window, no flimsy machine stitching, no fabric liner. Just fat, waxed thread and fine, cordovan leather. I might not keep it that long, but if I get rid of it I'll be able to pass it along. I hate buying something that I'll have to throw away well before the important part has worn out!

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