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Who doesn't have Amazon Prime?

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Re: Who doesn't have Amazon Prime?

Only when I have a free offer. We were Prime members until around 2016. Amazon pursued the age old strategy of undercutting competitors to drive them out of business, then ramping up prices. Currently they are priced higher than other retailers, including WalMart, and we don't find much to watch on Prime Video. They offer a slim benefit at Whole Foods, but it's not sufficient to recoup the monthly fee.

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Re: Who doesn't have Amazon Prime?

I've had Prime since its inception. It was its "free" shipping that first attracted me, but later I really dug in to see what else it offered, and I was surprised!

Among other things, it includes unlimited full-resolution photo storage--nice, since I have a bazillion photos of very high resolution taken with my Nikon cameras. That alone (compared to paying for other cloud storage), makes it a good deal. I had a paid Dropbox account for many years, only to realize that I didn't need it! I dumped it, paid (annually) for a small Amazon Drive account (to store non-image files), and I'm saving a bundle!

Although I almost never use it, Prime Video is a nice perk, too. I think I've used it...once?...maybe twice? yeah, about twice in all these years, but still, it's there if I want it.

To top it off, by getting an Amazon Prime Store Card--which pays 5% cash back on all Amazon purchases--I make a tidy bit each month because I order a lot. By paying the bill in full every month, I not only never pay interest charges, but actually make money. Can't argue with that! These are things I would've bought anyway, so it's nice to get the 5% cash back and, of course, "free" shipping.

When I first started ordering on Amazon in the late '90s, I had no idea they'd turn into the behemoth they are now! My how things have changed...
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Re: Who doesn't have Amazon Prime?

 Been Prime since they started but I cancelled, too  much price gouging with Amazon these days. 

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Re: Who doesn't have Amazon Prime?

I have had many credit card abuse issues with Amazon.   I try not to use them instead Walmart and Sams are my go to places

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Re: Who doesn't have Amazon Prime?

I have both Amazon Prime and Amazon UK Prime, so I guess I win!


The 5% discount with the Chase card, both on Amazon (US) and WholeFoods make it well worth the cost.   And the ability to ship very small orders free of shipping charges is also attractive.    And I use Prime Video on both sites (although having Prime on one seems enough to have it on both)

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