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X1 invite - 2 years waiting

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X1 invite - 2 years waiting

Invite for X1 came in today after being on list for 2 years. Not sure if I'm interested anymore...

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Re: X1 invite - 2 years waiting

Is that a standard wait time? I submitted a request yesterday, thought it might be a good pick up just to add 25-30k to my overall CL, and I do spend pretty heavily at some of the partner companies.


I am not even sure I would remember what that card is in 2 years :/

"When prosperity comes, do not use all of it"
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Re: X1 invite - 2 years waiting

As the OP had a change of heart and was approved, this thread is now locked and closed to new messages. The OP's approval thread can be accessed below:


@SDMarik-- I recall seeing a lot of members signing up during the Fall of 2020 and some have recently started to receive their invites.

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