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best/worst CC websites...

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Re: best/worst CC websites...

Best: AMEX and Chase


Worst: Duck card,  no way to start a BT, and even over the phone they don't auto-populate the payment address for the CSR. its not like a BT from AMEX is a rare occurance. CSR didn't want to be bothered, to do a second BT for another card, so I will do that one after the first posts.










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Re: best/worst CC websites...

slap_happy wrote:

I think amex website is far and away the best... usbank I would say is the worst, you cant even click on what you purchased to get any info about it, also, you cannot see pending charges on the website but you can on the phone app! weird, its also about 2 days behind. 


what do you guys say?

BEST = American Express.


Honourable Mention = Discover


WORST = Wells Fargo


DisHonourable Mention = Chase

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Re: best/worst CC websites...

You do a BT to the Duck Card using the Secure Messaging system.  It's not overly obvious, but it is right there in the subject line selector.  Seems easy enough to me.

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Re: best/worst CC websites...

For me, the best and most intuitive is Amex.  BofA, Chase, Citi and Barclay are all pretty good.  


However, US Bank, FIA and Wells Fargo need to modernize.  These guys remind me of the old Dos Windows 3.1 days.


*Edited*  Just logged in and see that US Bank will be unveiling a new website.  Looks pretty good.

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Re: best/worst CC websites...

Barclays and Amex are the best, IMO. Barclays is actually pretty spiffy, I like how they have everything organized. PNC credit card is tied into my banking account, but it is not very good. It can take two days for a PENDING transaction to post. Capital One is overdue for an update as well. 

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Re: best/worst CC websites...

I really like Amex's website. Chase could be better. Discover is nice as well.

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