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iPhone 11 - Apple Card Transfer

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iPhone 11 - Apple Card Transfer


So my iPhone 11 will be in a couple of hours! I know, very exciting. 😁

My question is, if anyone has experience with this yet, will my Apple Card transfer from my iPhone 6 over to 11 when I sign in to Apple on the new phone or how does that generally work? I have never transferred wallets from one phone to the other.

Any insight would be nice!

I’ll update everyone when I find out too.

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Re: iPhone 11 - Apple Card Transfer

I just got my 11 today too. I did not apply for the Apple Card until just now. I would assume they would just have that card transferred over once you sign into icloud and go into your wallet on the iPhone. 

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Re: iPhone 11 - Apple Card Transfer

Yes, as it’s up “in the Icloud”.  Congratulations on your new phone!!

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Re: iPhone 11 - Apple Card Transfer

It is a very straightforward process. Moves from old phone to new phone very easily.  

I was up and running before I left the store

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