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new website font

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new website font

wow. the new font on this website is hurting my eyes so bad

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Re: new website font

Yeah, count me as not a fan either.
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Re: new website font

Interesting. I logged in this morning and really liked the new look! The font, the color scheme, all of it. 


Now I feel embarassed lol 

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Re: new website font

I am of two minds about the change:

  • Standing twenty-feet away, the pages look cleaner
  • Sitting in front of my computer, the pages are far less readable

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Re: new website font

Look into an extension like 'Font Changer' or 'Mobile Dyslexic' that will let you change the font on your browser to one that is easier for you to read. For myself -- it's nice enough. I'll live with it awhile & adjust if needed.  At least it's not Comic Sans.

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Re: new website font

With this font, the difference between bolded letters and non bolded letters is not as obvious, I don't like it.

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Re: new website font

Understood.  Try that extension and perhaps choose a font like Raleway which has a narrower stroke.

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Re: new website font

I would like to see it darker blue shade , its little bright. 

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Re: new website font

There is another thread discussing this situation: 

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Re: new website font

I guess I am generally ok with the font.  Except that 0's look like O's.  

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