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not sure if this affects anything


not sure if this affects anything

Two of my accounts post twice. So for example do to a temporarily large increase on one card my score goes down slightly because "2 of your accounts show new balances."


It then lists the same account twice. Not sure if this enters into the scoring or not, or even why it is seeing one account as two.


On the list of my accounts, the accounts are correctly listed.


Of course when I pay this off in the next few months I will see 2 of yoru accounts show a decrease in balances. So I guess it um balences out.


Many thanks

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Re: not sure if this affects anything

Is this based on SW? If so know you don't have two of the same TLs reporting. SW will alert you to any balance change based on X% and also based on $X. That value is based on your settings. Anyway, if the balance change meets both conditions, you'll have two alerts for the same TL. If annoying, you can turn one of the two settings off and that'll eliminate the double alert.

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