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"Financial Constipation" and the "Credit Laxative"

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"Financial Constipation" and the "Credit Laxative"

Ugh. I worked like mad to get my credit scores up to buy a house and was successful.  Apped immediately and added $27K in new (first time prime) credit lines. Boy, has that laxative kicked in.  I refuse to do what I did before and bury my head in the sand, but OUCH, looking at my recent credit purchases is painful.  I keep telling myself it's all part of new homeownership and that when my deposits come back from the rental/utilities, that will help, but boy howdy, I need to get this under control.  Amazon is killing me with how easy it is.  I simply have to be more disciplined than I have been this month.  I'm wishin' and hopin' for a 0% BT offer from NFCU for Christmas!

Starting Score: 10/1/2011 EQ 568 TU 593
Current Score: EQ 664 TU 700 EX 701 (FAKO)

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Re: "Financial Constipation" and the "Credit Laxative"

I'd love a 0% BT from Navy too!   But just becuase it makes me feel good that they would extend that to me.  Smiley Happy

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