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"New member "Just a huge thanks!

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"New member "Just a huge thanks!

I am New.
I wanted to say THANK YOU!
I am 22 years clean. Very bad choices lead to very bad results.
I am 52 and needed to start all over at around 30.
I did, and nothing is impossible in our magnificent country.
I have an amazing job. Started out cleaning toilets, kept pushing and now in a union.
Bought and paid for my first new car, now in my second.
Pre approved for my first brand new home, all by myself with no spouse.

I did it. People were sent to me along the way, from every walk of life.
I found you all not long ago.
When you're panicking and need to make a decision, quick, it's wonderful to know you have contact with incredibly intelligent, warm, never rude, communities..
This is one.
You guys getting back to me so fast, and always being kind, and sweet, and patient helped me in the last 48 hours.
The advise I got, paid off.
I believe my Apr will drop again now because I listened to you all.
The drop could significantly assist me.
Thank you so much!
I couldn't of received the info. I required, immediately had it not of been for the consensus for the exact same answer.
I am looking forward to a long standing relationship with "my fico"

Sincerely 💜
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Re: "New member "Just a huge thanks!

We are glad you got the results you were hoping for and wanting. As far as this community goes...Ive been here "officially" almost 6 years on a regular basis, if not daily, and "un-official" for 7 years. Lots of great folks here with such wonderful knowledge of everything. This is my 2nd homeSmiley Happy

Welcome to the forumsSmiley Happy

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Re: "New member "Just a huge thanks!

I quit drinking booze, but never bought new car or owned a home.  Inspirational.  Keep it up brother. 

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Re: "New member "Just a huge thanks!

I am also new to this community and love the content so resourceful. Smiley Wink

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Re: "New member "Just a huge thanks!

Congrats and welcome to the forums! Keep it up! 👍
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Re: "New member "Just a huge thanks!

Awesome and inspirational.


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Re: "New member "Just a huge thanks!

Welcome abroad. Even I am new here. Feeling really great to be here.

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