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3 90-day derogs removed, score didn't recover

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3 90-day derogs removed, score didn't recover

I recently had to have my student loan provider, ACS, correctly reflect my forberence on 3 student loans so that they no longer show as 90-day derogs.  So, they got it corrected and it's now showing on my reports as "paid as agreed" clean, no derogs, yet my score only rebounded 30 freaking points?  Lost almost 100 points in the past 2 months since they started showing the derogs, only gained 30 back?


Only other changes the past few months is the decrease in my credit card balances.  Which, should have helped to improve my score as well?


2 months ago EQ - 640

3 90-day derogs show up EQ - 552

derogs removed EQ 584


Am I missing something here?

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Re: 3 90-day derogs removed, score didn't recover

This is odd. It should have went back to what it was or even higher considering you paid down your credit cards.. check your hard inquiries.. See if they pulled your credit again that can drop your score.

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