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5 classes to go...

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5 classes to go...

So...for various reasons I have taken a long time to complete a BS and want to finish to help in my career progression. Because I've taken so long, I am not eligible for grants or traditional loans. I could appeal this. Has anyone ever done a satisfactory academic progress appeal? Who do you get loans from If not from the school? I don't have any currently- I've paid out of pocket- but I'm ready to just get it over with. I completed the FAFSA and that's how I found out about the academic progress thing.
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Re: 5 classes to go...

I dont have experience with that. But have you tried checking private loan lenders? I was able to get my friend a private loan at 5.74% fixed which was lower than some of the federal loans even. Not to mention fed loans charge an origination fee. 

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