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-80 points from this semester loans

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-80 points from this semester loans

So the stafford loans posted from Sallie Mae and are in differment till graduation. Yet I was hit with a -80 points in a fako calculation from transunion...


Did they posts the loan wrong or something else? I've had a 650 for a while now but with the new loans I'm down below 570...

CS 701, CK 682, 719/ TU FICO 666 (DIS 8/12) EU FICO 658 (8/12)
After spree CS 738, CK 684, TU FICO 666 (Dis 8/5)

WF Secured 600Cl (7/11), Discover More 1.5k (8/12), Walmart 150CL(8/12), Cap1 Platinum w/Credit steps($300) (8/12)
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Re: -80 points from this semester loans

Many new loan accounts opening this month could have brought your AAoA down. I would not worry about the effect on your FAKO. Just make payments or keep from being late for any reason. They will age more each month and help build your history.

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