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90 Day Late Student Loan payment from 2012

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90 Day Late Student Loan payment from 2012

I have 5 separate student loans (they are all trated separately) with Access Group/ACS/Conduent that were considered 90 days late in January of 2012.  I wont bore you with details, but ACS took the blame on the mistakes but it still is not off my credit report after 2 years of trying to get ACS to send letters to the Bureaus.


That being said my scores are 738/727/741 currently, but I am about to apply for a Mortgage. 


Does anyone know how much 6 year old 90-day late payments for student loans are actually affecting my scores?

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Re: 90 Day Late Student Loan payment from 2012

Well, they're very old; in less than a year they would be coming off anyway. I would suspect that due to the she it doesn't have that high of an impact but I don't can't say.
However I think would really help you is to file a complaint with the CFPB. I had great results when I did this for two different companies that I was getting nowhere with for over a year. These companies were very quick to respond because the CFPB is the government agency that sues companies if they companies are not in compliance.
Gather all your paperwork and any names, dates etc. you have and file a complaint against ACS. Be as detailed as possible. ACS will give a response and hopefully a solution to having them removed from your credit report. Another option would be to bring the paperwork with you where ACS admitted fault and explain it to the loan officer. They may work work around it. Hope this helps and good luck with your mortgage!

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