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9th payment Student Loan Rehab

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9th payment Student Loan Rehab

The 9th payment just got drafted today.  Iv been paying 50.00 a month and i think i still owe a balance of 4,500 or less ofn3 student loan acocunts that over time have created 9 tradelines ( 3 on each ) on my credit report.  I am with American Student Assistance when before it was with Navient and before that SLC Conduit LLC.  What are the next steps i should take.  Also keep in mind that I am wanting to sell my house in the next 1-3 months and i am going for a conventinal loan to buy the new house i want to move in.

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Re: 9th payment Student Loan Rehab

I went through the Fed. Student Loan Rehab program also. Made my 9th payment on 3/15/18. Was told by ASA (ECMC who was authorized serviced for ASA) that they would contact the credit bureaus. In the meantime my loan was assigned to another lender with fresh start. On 3/30/18 ECMC notified me that loan was official rehabilitated. I inquired about timeline in having credit bureaus updated and their reply was that it could take up to 45 days to show all ASA tradelines removed. So, after making my 9th payment there really isn’t much to do except wait. After 45 Days if there are any ASA tradelines remaining I’ll dispute and forward all the notices and agreements I’ve recieved. Waiting might be the hardest part of the rehab. Hope this helps.
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