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ACS GW Success!!!!!

Re: ACS GW Success!!!!!

I know this is an old post but if anyone read this and has ACS info can you please pm me. Trying to get a mortgage loan before the interest rates rise again. 

Thank you for your time! 

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Re: ACS GW Success!!!!!

I am new to this forum. Like everyone else I am having issues with late student loans from ACS. I can use that contact info if you still have it.  Thanks in advance!

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Re: ACS GW Success!!!!!

Do you still have the ACS contact info?

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Re: ACS GW Success!!!!!

Could you send me the ACS contact info if you have it? MUCH appreciated!

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Re: ACS GW Success!!!!!

Did you get the ACS contact info?

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Re: ACS GW Success!!!!!

Can I get the contact as well?
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Re: ACS GW Success!!!!!

May I also have the contact info?
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Re: ACS GW Success!!!!!

Hi Guys/Gals,


If someone could PM me the contact info for the appropriate POC at ACS, I would be ever so grateful.  I had a "direct perkins loan" that went through them; all my Stafford loans were through them and I was checking the website and making consistent payments on time and early, every month.

Well suddenly I got a mark on my credit report from this Perkins loan, saying 60 days past due!


All the while, that darn thing wasn't even showing on their website so I didn't even realize I had it Smiley Sad  If I had known, shoot I would have paid it no problem.  It was only like $136/quarter (but I pay monthly anyway now).  I know it sounds stupid and irresonspible to say "I didn't realize I had that loan" but each semester was a different loan document, and I was in & out of school for 15 semesters.  When I finished in Dec 2010, all of my loans had grouped into just 2 servicers -- NelNet and ACS.  So I guess this one just slipped through the cracks.  I never received a statement for it, or a bill or anything -- the only reason I knew it existed (other than the day I originally agreed to accept the loan in 2006) was because it popped up on my CR.   Boy did I feel DUMB.


Well now I've paid off my SL's from $63K down to $19K so I am hopeful maybe they will take this into account in a decision to remove any lates.... If someone can just let me know the contact info they've used successfully!! Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Pretty please?! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: ACS GW Success!!!!!

I would also be eternally grateful to anyone who can provide a helpful ACS contact.  Currently trying to remove a few lates on an old TL on my EX report to no avail.  Once my loans which are currently being rehabbed are off my reports this will be the only baddie I will have left after several years of repair.

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Re: ACS GW Success!!!!!

Hi Mortgage Bound!!


 I am in a similar situation as you were.  I check my credit report semi-annually, and when I checked it again recently, an ACS 30 day late payment showed up on my account from last year! I am also looking into buying a house soon and this will definitly kill my credit score.  I've written a GW letter to ACS through their Utica, NY address but was rejected. Smiley Sad


I would sincerely appreciate if you can send me the information for your contact at ACS and your goodwill letter?  It would help so much.  I would be forever grateful.


Thank you!!



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