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ACS GW Success!!!!!

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Re: ACS GW Success!!!!!

I too would greatly appreciate the GW contact information.

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Re: ACS GW Success!!!!!

That is amazing! We are trying to become first time home owners, and I have a few late payments to ACS as well! Could you PM the angels email address as well?


Thanks in advance!

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Re: ACS GW Success!!!!!

Does anyone still have the contact information, i would really appreciate it!

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Re: ACS GW Success!!!!!

I can also use that contact if anyone can pass it my way. Thanks!
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Re: ACS GW Success!!!!!

If anyone can provide me with contact information for ACS it would be greatly appreciated Smiley Happy

Aug 2011: EX: Below 500's EQ: Below 500's TU: Below 500's
April 2013: EX: 561 EQ (myFICO): 606 TU: 614
May 2013: EX: 689 EQ (myFICO): 623 TU: 615
June 2013: EX: 712 EQ (myFICO): 659 TU: 649 EQ Direct: 576

Finished rehab August 2012. Equifax no longer shows any deliquency, Experian has one deliquent account, and Transunion has 2 reporting.
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Re: ACS GW Success!!!!!

I have recently started to rebuild my credit and could greatly use any contact information for ACS.

Thanks ahead of time!

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Re: ACS GW Success!!!!!

Reading these posts really gave me hope to keep trying to rebuild my credit. I have a 60 day delenquency from 4 months ago that I want to try and get removed. Could anyone please forward me the contact information for ACS so I can send my GW? Thank you very much

Started: TU 675, EQ 657, EX 637

10/11/2013: TU 686, EQ 661, EX ?

Goal: All 700s
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Re: ACS GW Success!!!!!

I am also looking for contact information for aes. please PM thanks

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Re: ACS GW Success!!!!!

I would appreciate the contact information please.  If someone could PM?  thank you.  New to the board and getting lots of great advice.

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Re: ACS GW Success!!!!!

I hate to be yet another person asking for this info, but I'm devastated right now: I just found out that ACS/Sun Trust has me down for a 90-day deliquency. My score went from 689 (TU) to 513 (Exp). I started at 490 a few years ago and worked my rear end off -- even through a year of unemployment! -- to rebuild. To find out about this 176 point drop when I was so close is just tramautizing. I am so heartbroken right now..  


Please, if anyone has any info for GW for ACS, please pm me. I could really, REALLY use a break in life right now (and this is the best place to get it, in my experience). Thank you very much in advance.

Starting Score, 2011: TU 635, EQ 637, EX/FAKO 538
2014 (mortgage broker pull): TU 670, EQ 669, EX 674
2017 FICO 8: TU 730, EQ 732, EX 738 - Finally made the 700 club!
I only have four cards, so not worth showing. $10,500 total CL.
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