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AES student loan 60 day late

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AES student loan 60 day late

I’m deeply crushed and truly upset with myself. My mortgage score had rose to 700 again and yesterday I was hit with a 60 day late for my student loans. I actually thought they were on deferment like the other two provides but they were not. I’ve used up all of my forbearance for the loan by being irresponsible. It’s not even a high amount its only $50 a month but I really thought it wasn’t due until March. I screwed up big time. It’s the only late on my credit profile, I only noticed when I logged in to check the due date.

Does anyone know is AES is generous for removals? I realize I should have been more responsible therefor I don’t need anyone to tell me that. This really pushed my home buying process very far and I’m really in a panic. Does anyone have any info to share, ceo emails or anything else? I considered asking for a retro forbearance but my income is most likely too high at 60k for me and my daughter.

Starting Score: 530EQ, 531TU, 514EX (0/2016)
Current Score: 686EQ, 710TU, 686EX (03/2017)
Goal Score: 750+ (01/2018)

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Re: AES student loan 60 day late

I'm sorry that you're going through this. It happens to the best of us. We pay on these things forever! They don't often report at 30 days either.
Federal loans, right? They cannot delete them because there are different regulation about federal student loans. So asking them for a goodwill probably won't get them removed.
I would still ask for the retroactive forbearance. Ask and ask again. Maybe you make too much but there's no way of knowing that until you get told that. Don't give up.
Good luck.
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