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Advice on Sallie Mae private loan


Advice on Sallie Mae private loan

I was recently sued over a defaulted Sallie Mae private loan for ~24,000. I settled with the lawyers representing Sallie Mae, and set up a payment arrangement on a lesser amount for the next 18 months or so with the account being considered satisfied in full upon making the last payment. That agreement is fully documented by the court and I've making my full monthly payment as indicated.


About a month after the court settlement was reached, I started getting calls and letters from Progressive Financial Services claiming I owe the original 24,000 and attempting to collect on it. I had dealt with Progressive years ago on this balance, and had made some payments with them, but the lawsuit came from Nelson and Kennard, who are not connected to Progressive in any way.


As you can imagine, being sued left a pretty bad taste in my mouth and I want to make sure I deal with Progressive correctly. I'm not sure if I should contact Sallie Mae, Nelson and Kennard, or Progressive at this point. Any advice on how to proceed?



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Re: Advice on Sallie Mae private loan

How did this work out for you? I am dealing with Progressive now to settle my Sallie Mae...

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Re: Advice on Sallie Mae private loan



I ended up explaining the situation to Progressive and the lawyer who represented me during the lawsuit from Nelson and Kennard. My lawyer contacted Progressive and I never heard from them again.


Incidentally, I made my last payment on this about two weeks ago!


Good luck.


 - Scott

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