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Anyone have experience with TLF (Teacher Loan Forgiveness)?

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Anyone have experience with TLF (Teacher Loan Forgiveness)?

About to apply for TLF for the 6th time. The last attempt, it was declined and I couldn't tell why, neither could the CSR for my loan servicer. 


I am preparing the paperwork to apply again. I have previously asked the CSR to SPELL OUT exactly how I should fill out each field , and what to have my administration do as well, and that fail for attempt #4+5. 


Any advise? I'd like to check this off my list so I can work to pay off my loans completely. I'd rather not wait for Biden, as I don't *actually* believe it will happen, or some nonsense like you can only get one forgiveness -- mine would be $17.5K. I also am 4yrs away from the 10yrs of PSLF payments, and have the wrong type of loans for that, and have no NO wish to consolidation till afterwards.






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