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Bragging rights?

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Re: Bragging rights?


@Anonymous wrote:

LOL If ya want to call it bragging rights  Smiley Very Happy then I will say that I have about $54,000 Smiley Mad and I am only making the min. payments cause, it ain't worth struggling to pay extra a month only to figure out I will probably paying for my house the same time I finish paying back my loans for school! Ha so much for going to school and trying to make more money! Shoulda just went to work right out of high school and would be in the same place I am in now without the debt!!!!! MAYBE!!!

Many years ago, I was standing on the sidelines of a soccer game (where much of my mom time was spent back then), visiting with a friend/ soocer dad. He's a highly respected surgeon, head of a hospital residency program, travels all over the world for work and fun, all that good stuff. He told me that he had just made his last payment for his last student loan. The lender had asked him for years and years if he wouldn't like to go ahead and pay it off, but he always said no, it was the cheapest payment for anything at all that he had. He was 58. Smiley Tongue


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