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Calculating Utilization After Completing Loan Rehabilitation

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Calculating Utilization After Completing Loan Rehabilitation

I posed a similar question in the Scoring Forum, but it seems not much is known on how this works.  I am looking for people who have completed loan rehabilitation and have since paid off a good portion of their loans.  As we know, once you have completed the rehab process, any accrued interest is rolled into a "new" loan with a new principal balance.  So, for those of you who have paid down a good portion of your balance or for those who have more wisdom than I, is the "new" principal balance used when calculating utilization or is it the original loan amount?  Trying to determine my best payoff strategy here, as depending on the loan it can be a significant difference.  I'll give my largest loan as an example:


Original Principal:  $7,312

Current Unpaid Principal:  $9,831.18

Current Balance:  $10,513.08


So is my utilization on this loan 144% (10513.08/7312) or is it 107% (10513.08/9831.18)?  My current plan is to pay all 11 of my loans down to under 100%, but am trying to figure out exactly how much money that will take.  

FICO8 Scores as of 8/8/17: EQ-643 TU-644 EX-629
Current FICO8 Scores as of54/7/18: EQ-668 TU-651 EX-652
Current Mortgage Scores: EQ-681 TU-655 EX-648
Goal: all FICO8s above 700

Credit Card Lineup: Capital One Quiksilver One - $850, Torrid - $3,000, Wayfair - $7,100, Victoria's Secret - $2,000, Overstock - $5,150, Discover it - $9,500, Amazon Store Card - $200, Capital One Platinum - $3,000, Care Credt - $1,500
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