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Can I get old lates removed for medical and military reasons?


Can I get old lates removed for medical and military reasons?

In July of 2013 I had 3 major strokes that left me with epilepsy, blindness on right half of each eye, cognitive issues and a host of other things. I was sent home until they eventually medicaly retired me in January of 2015. During that time I was cared for by my wife. I didn't work or do anything really because I literally couldn't. I haven't even worked since and I am 100% permanent and total with the VA. My loans fell out of deferment during that time and I had no idea and I wouldn't have been able to handle anything even if I remembered. At some point down the road we found out and my wife says I entered into a rehab agreement that we completed. It looks like all of the bad loans fell off except for two with the US Dept of Education. They are both showing a failure to pay as recent as March 2015. In April they show current. I guess that is when we completed the rehab. Are the loans supposed to go away or the lates? I know I tried informing them what was going on and they were not helpful then at all. I'm currently trying to close on a VA loan and I need some more points and getting these two gone would be great. They are about to all be forgiven soon anyways. I just need to close on the 26th of this month. It really sucks that I got hit so hard by them for something I had zero control over. I was National Guard at the time and on AGR (active orders). Maybe the orders will help something. Any advice is welcomed. Thanks

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Re: Can I get old lates removed for medical and military reasons?

Thank you for your service and I'm sorry that you had to go through such a difficult time.
In regards to the rehab, it removes the default but it does not mean you lates will be removed (though sometimes they are). They are actually legally obligated to report both the lates and the old tradelines.
Even if you did dispute it due to the possible chance of changing things, the dispute will take the tradelines out of calculation only until the dispute is closed. I've read this can be a red flag in. Applying for a mortgage. There is a mortgage thread where there are more people that can help you. There may be an easier way to raise your score, like AZEO.

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