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Can I still pay from community college?

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Can I still pay from community college?

I have approximately 15,000 in student loans all of which is deferred. I recently got a refund for about 2,000. Because I know there is a maximum about of loans that can be offered I wanted to return the refund and have it carried over (I don't know the correct term) so I gave the money back to the school who returned it to the lender and now I will have it use should I choose to pursue another degree and have to rely on student loans. Being able to return the money back the original lender was something new that I learned. I was simply applying and refunds that I had to help payoff the previous loans that I've had. My question is it too late to return money to the original lender from when I attended community college and have it apply to any future aid that I may need? I think it can be done seeing as how I'm still in college and haven't had to make any payments on my loans (besides the interest)? THANKS!
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Re: Can I still pay from community college?

If I understand you, you are referring to the aggregate loan limits (the total amount of loans that you may have outstanding for a certain degree).  The amount for Graduate degrees are 138,500 and the undergrad just went up to around 57k.  These amounts are further split into two portions (subsidized and unsub), although I dont have the breakdown.  Anyway, if this is the case, the aggregate limit only applies to outstanding stafford loans.  When you pay off your loans, you have the full loan limit to use again (like a revolving credit account).  In fact, if refi your student loans, you will have the whole aggregate again.  It only applies to OUTSTANDING Stafford loans.  Let me know if I can help any more.
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