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Can't Contact Company In Charge Of My Accounts?


Can't Contact Company In Charge Of My Accounts?



I'm trying to start the rehab process on two of my federal loans. I called the, and they said my debt is now being handled by Action Financial Services. I try calling AFS's phone number and it rings once then disconnects. I tried emailing the email address listed on their site and I get a bounceback..


If I can't contact the company, how am I supposed to start paying back the loans?

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Re: Can't Contact Company In Charge Of My Accounts?

I just called the 888-253-4239 and got to the VM due to holiday weekend but it is a valid number. I would call during business hours. Have caution though, the VM message said to leave a message with your contact data, acct # or SS# which you should never leave that on a VM. The contact data on BBB is however the website is .net\.com\.org etc and last updated back in 2014 which is not normal. There is a contact us e-mail listed as Also they appear to be based in OR however the licensing is lised in NY. I even checked the OR homepage and still list NY licensing. So I would also go rouge and contact NY Consumer Affairs with the license data listed on the website. Im sure you would get somewhere. One thing I notice searching is so many websites with this business name listed so hoping that this is the correct one.

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