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Can this be addressed without backfire?

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Can this be addressed without backfire?

What is the most effective course of action when different tradelines are reportind different number of days late at different time periods?


Broad Example:



                  Loan A : Jan (OK) 

                  Loan B: Jan (60 days late)

                  Loan C: Jan (90)

                  Loan D: Jan (120 days  late)



I have different tradelines with one servicer reporting this way. What would be the most advantageous approach?

Jan 2016 - EQ 599 TU 576 EX 580
Sep 2016 - EQ 670 TU 701 EX 697

Jan 2017 - EQ 682 TU 702 EX 702

Scores: MyFico 3B Report
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Re: Can this be addressed without backfire?

Wow what a mess I don't understand why they have to report so many different TLs I have one SL with 4 diff lines on my reports . Is this all the same loan ? If so you would have to dispute them to try to correct it .
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