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Citibank Student Loan Success - How I Did It

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Citibank Student Loan Success - How I Did It

Hi all,

I just wanted to share my experience on how I got multiple lates removed from my boyfriend's credit report.

He had 4 tradelines from Citibank, and had 30,60,90,120 late (Jan 10-April 10) on all four TLs, which was killing his credit.

We sent out, the mail, GW letter to Citibank in South Dakota. In this GW letter we stressed that the late payments were due to lack of employment out of college and that as soon as there was an income, all TLs were made current. The first response that came back was your typical "we must report accurately".

The second GW got a voicemail from someone in the "executive office administration". That was the key piece of success. Although the rep said he couldn't remove the lates, he could grant retroactive forbearance for the time period of the lates. We asked the rep to send us a letter confirming this, and it arrived a few weeks later.

We didn't see a change to the actual reporting, so more GW letters went out - this time I included a copy of the letter confirming the forbearance.

It took 3 GW's to the SD address, but finally we received a response via mail that those lates should be removed, per the letter granting the forbearance. It was dated 10/25 and said it would take 7 days for the TL to be updated.

As of today, they are off of each and every TL!

The process took from July until November (could have probably happened sooner, but we waited a few months to see if the TL's would update on their own. They did not).

Also in case it makes a difference, in September, the 4 TL's were sold to Sallie Mae, so now these Citibank TL's are showed as current closed.

I hope this helps someone out there get the same results - we couldn't have done it without the help of these forums!!!

Starting Score: April 2011: EQ 606 TU 585 EX FAKO 574
Current Score: Dec 2012: EQ 738 TU 740
Goal Score: 800

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Re: Citibank Student Loan Success - How I Did It

How much did his score increase?
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Re: Citibank Student Loan Success - How I Did It

Congrats! That is great news!

I'm trying to do the same thing... can you share the contact info that gave you the best success? That retro forbearance sounds really good right about now, haha!

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Re: Citibank Student Loan Success - How I Did It

I'm almost in an identical situation to yours. I had lates with Citi, 30,60,90,120 on two accounts. Account was sold to Sallie Mae, then I paid off and closed the accounts.


My original requests came back that they were reporting accurately. I'm trying to find a higher up within the Citi Student Loan department that I can talk to. Please, any help with who you spoke with would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Citibank Student Loan Success - How I Did It

I'm in the EXACT same spot as the others, as well.


Except, I was in South Korea and under the impression that I was already in forbearance. By the time I got back to the states, everything had defaulted to the guarantor.  


I've rehabed since and been paying on time for nearly 2 years.  I would also very much appreciate the contact info for the office who granted the retro forbearance.


Thanks and congrats!

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Re: Citibank Student Loan Success - How I Did It

Congratulations on your success!  Please share the contact info you used. I am in the same situation. My loans were sold and have been current since 2009. I would like to get the lates from Citi removed since they sold the accounts.

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