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College collections on credit even after I appealed and provide hospitalization evidence and death

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College collections on credit even after I appealed and provide hospitalization evidence and death

Serious question: I’ve been working on credit for quite awhile and finally had over 700 and wa steady to refinance my cap one loan. Last spring when covid closed the world down I was enrolled in 4 classes with the local community college. I had FA which I was told would cover the cost. I was hospitalized with covid and my grandfather passed in March and may time frame. Needless to say I didn’t finish class. I also never technically withdrew since I thought it would be automatic and I spoke to the school in Augusta September timeframe and they told me to file an appeal when possible and it would forgive the $1590 they say I owed. I received a collection letter in January and wrote a letter to st Pete college and said that wasn’t my debt. A lady called me and I again explained the situation. She told me to file Appeal when I could so that I could register for spring semester 2021. I filed the appeal in March and submitted documents from hospital and my grandfather obituary (he passed of covid) and my appeal was instantly (the next day) denied because they said it was too difficult to pull up last years records and basically an accounting nightmare. I replied and asked to speak to dean. They continued to email me back once every 4 weeks to tell me yes it is indeed denied because I could only file an appeal with 60 days of end of semester. This wouldn’t have been possible as I was as caring for my dad and grandmother plus the previous lady told me not to worry and just do it before I enrolled again. Now I see that wyndam collections has put a $1600 bill on my credit reports resulting in 30 point loss. I also received a letter from Navient that my student loans were forgiven for last spring semester. So really I shouldn’t owe them anything at all. Death and covid hospitalization with evidence should be adequate grounds for appeal but they keep saying no and just response from business office or “accounting specialist” and won’t allow me to speak to dean. I feel helpless and that all my hard work has gone to waste. I can’t afford to pay for an entire semester of school that I didn’t attend. I was only able to go to school because of financial aid and which was valid and should’ve covered the tuition. I feel like I’m being deceived and don’t know what to do. If anyone could offer some advice please do. I’ve spent the last 4 years growing my scores from 500 to 700 and now being hit with this hurts. Please comment or DM thank you.

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Re: College collections on credit even after I appealed and provide hospitalization evidence and dea

My familiarity with how colleges can charge for classes is only passing and what they can do may vary by state, etc, but my experience is that if you withdraw and miss their deadlines they can hold you responsible for the tuition regardless of circumstance, if they're so inclined.  If the school isn't willing to work with you it may be that the best you can do is negotiate a PFD with Wyndam, if they're one of the collection agencies that does so.  However, I want to ask about one thing: you say that Navient told you your student loans were forgiven, and you also say that you had financial aid which should have covered the tuition.  Was this the forgiven Navient loans?  If the loans were for the semester in question, were disbursed to the school, covered your tuition completely, and were not in some way rescinded, then it sounds like the school would already have been paid for the tuition they're now trying to collect through Wyndam.

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