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Consolidating private loans.. ideas?

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Consolidating private loans.. ideas?

I'm wondering where I can go to consolidate these loans. Any ideas? Also, are there services that will just lend me a sum of money at a lower interest rate (like 5-6%)? I'm guessing if I consolidate these loans then my interest rate won't be that great. I'm hoping to pay off the EXCEL loan (10.5%) with some cash that I'm going to save up, such that I won't have to worry about SallieMae again. I'm just wondering about the rest of the private loans. I think a 20K loan at 5-6% ought to do it. Where do I get this. Also, for the government loans listed I was planning on consolidating with the government, because of the speed with which I would get the 1.05% reduction (.8% for 12 months on time, and .25% for EDA); they give the reduction immidiately, so you don't have to wait 2, 3, or even 4 years. Are there better deals than the one the government is offering? I also noticed that alot of the third party consolidators are very much out of business, or no longer offering consolidation plans.

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Re: Consolidating private loans.. ideas?

Sallie Mae is the only private loan consolidator that I ever came across while I was in the market for that kind of product, and it was a new product for them in late 2006, early 2007.  With the whole credit crisis, it wouldn't surprise me if they've gotten out of that business.  Too much money to be made on unconsolidated private loans . . .
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