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Consolidation AAOA

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Re: Consolidation AAOA REPAYE

calyx: Yeah, I only wish I could help more. Or rather, that the system would make it so we could help ourselves. Student Loan Hero website is often more helpful than the Dept of Education website. I agree, there should be more information.
I also don't think making it mandatory for the payments come directly out of our paychecks is the right thing to do. Servicers make too many mistakes imo and it just passes on the rising cost of education/ living on to the borrowers.
I just learned this month that student loan delinquencies aren't usually reported to the CRA at 30 days late. By the time something is there, you're already in trouble. It doesn't seem fair.
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Re: Consolidation AAOA

So my school loans were reporting all 17 of them. This gave me a great aaoa of around 19 years. Credit Karma and Credit Sesame show account aaoa for free. I do t worry to much about the scores as I have many other ways to check. My Experian app shows the same drop.
I added a new 3% card as my daily driver within the last month and a new car in November. It's just bad timing as I thought my 19 years of loans would still show. They do not and there is a new 28k school loan tradeline on my credit. I've grown my credit from 500s (started with a cap1 secure card) to 800s since 2015. It's a great feeling to hit 800. The 40+ point loss was a reminder not to apply for credit/car loans in a short amount of time. I owe the school loans and they will get paid. My loans were around 76k - 20 years ago. Now I owe a bit over 28k.
With the comment, they can add your loans back to your credit anytime they want 7 years is not always so.
Just as they can add them, they can also remove them as that just happened to me.
250k+ CL and climbing.
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Re: Consolidation AAOA

Did you check your complete credit report as calyx suggested for your AAoA? You can get it from free credit by Experian for free.

As for adding your timeline, yes they can add it back until you pay if the loan. On those old timelines, the loans have been paid off. They are actually under no obligation to report, only to report accurately. You could always try writing them to get there to add them again. Not sure if this will even work though.
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